Sunday, December 30, 2012

There are few events I have attended in November. I enjoy all this. This is how I release my stress. Work hard play hard.Photobucket

Babe Jessie’s weddingPhotobucket

This year I got two babes married, so happy for them. This month is babe Jessie’s wedding and I decided to bring the man along for the wedding. We wake up early in the morning and heading to Kepala Batas which is babe Jessie’s hometown. After all the tea ceremony, we went back and rest. Night we went to Stone Bay for the wedding dinner. I still remember we know each other when we are in college. It’s been 9years.  All these babes really nice to me, we will help each other if anyone of us have problems. Can’t wait to see others babes marry.

Company annual dinner
First time participated company annual dinner. We have off site training in the noon, after that we rush back prepared for our annual dinner.  We also exchange present for Christmasimage. I know is early but due to year end every team member will be very easy. So we celebrate early for this year. I got a set of body lotion and body shampoo from The Face shop. Thanks to Geok Leng for the pressie. Besides that we got few competition which is best performance and best dress. I have been nominated for best dress. Omg I can believe when the host call out my name. Hehe even thou I didn't won but yet happy being nominated.I’m very glad that I can join the company annual dinner. Hope next year I can join the dinner. image